Here's the story of how the House of Snail began.

I've always been fascinated by snails. Their small size, intricate shells, and slow, methodical ways captivated me. One day, a brilliant idea struck me - why not create beautiful homes for snails and share my love for these creatures globally?

I got to work, designing and building tiny snail homes from natural materials I found in the lush green countryside of New Zealand. I put my heart and soul into each creation, making sure they were cozy, comfortable, and snail-friendly. I even painted some of the shells with vibrant colours and patterns to make them extra stylish.

Excited about my idea, I launched House of Snail to sell my unique snail homes. I created a website where snail enthusiasts from all over the world could browse through my creations and place orders.

As word spread about House of Snail, my business grew steadily. I received glowing reviews from satisfied customers who were thrilled to provide their little slimy friends with stylish and comfortable homes. I continued to innovate, coming up with new designs and expanding my product line to include snail-related accessories and care products.

Over time, House of Snail became a well-known and respected brand in the snail community. My creativity, passion, and dedication to providing the best homes for snails made my online store a go-to destination for snail enthusiasts around the world.

Today, House of Snail continues to thrive, bringing joy to both snails and their human admirers alike with its unique and whimsical creations. And all of this started with my love for these tiny creatures and my dream of creating a special place for them to call home.